Buy & Hold Strategies/Techniques Panel Discussion 

Our panel will present some real life deals they have done, disseminating ideas to the new members and refresh the thinking for more experienced members.

Each panelist will have 3 B&H deals they have done. With luck, we’ll get see the before and after pictures. They will then concentrate on only ONE deal during the panel discussion. The session will attempt to cover 6 segments of each of the four Buy & Hold deals shown as part of the presentation:

# Acquisition – how the deal was found? What techniques or actions did taken to find the deal? What was the spend on marketing? What are the economics and how was the deal evaluate? What kind of market analyses was done?

# Financing – what sources of $ used in closing on the property?

# Rehabbing – what are the usual upgrades to the property? How did are the costs controlled to reduce the chance of over-improvement?

# Marketing – what kind of marketing is employed to fill it with paying tenants? What tenant screening techniques did are followed to get “good” tenants?

# Managing the Property – what procedures/actions/techniques/tactics do followed on an annual basis to manage the property to keep it profitable? Also, prepared the ongoing economics of the B&H property (Gross rent, PITI, repairs, vacancy allowance, net cash flow) will be available. What is the policy on repairs to the property, i.e. tenant sharing in cost of repairs (don’t do it!), do you offer a grace period of how many days to pay the rent, what to do to control/guide the tenant to take care of the property (e.g. painting, adding stuff to the property, bringing in additional occupants, pets, etc.)?

# Exit Strategy – what are some plans or strategies to sell the property converting to cash to invest in another property?

It is highly unlikely we will cover all at this event, but we’ll schedule follow-ups in the coming months.

It’s an exciting phase to be involved as the trend in the marketplace appears to be on an upward trajectory.

It’s time to hitch your wagon to this growth opportunity.

We looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Joe Zaragoza with the AlamoREIA, along with Brooke Bell with the Women’s Shelter, talk about the shelter and the big project to improve the donation center.

When: Thursday April 9, 2015.

Time: 6:00 pm – 9 pm

Where: Double Tree Hotel Airport, 37 NE Loop 410,San Antonio, TX 78216 (corner of 410/McCullough)