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Is Your Business Safe from a Downturn in the Market?

with... Multiple Speaker(s)

THE MAIN EVENT Just some of the amazing things we do at our meetings!... Market Update, Haves & Wants, Case Studies, Tip of the Month, & more!

Thursday, May 10, 2018 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Embassy Suites by Hilton NW
7750 Briaridge Dr San Antonio, TX 78230


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Is Your Business Safe from a Downturn in the Market?
Learn the Strategies Long Term Investors Are Doing with their Business in a Tight and Changing Market. 
Find out Methods and Techniques others are using to prepare for the future housing market.
Come listen to our local panel of experts tell us there stories and insights of what's happened to them in the past, what they did to overcome obstacles, and give us insight into today's current market and how to adapt to it. 
How to set yourself up for success for now and the future. 
Our panel guests:
Tom Hennigan
Ray Sasser
Sharon Fernandez
Sam Madrid
Marty Hutchison
John Barr
Join us Thursday, May 10, 2018 for our May Main Meeting.
Details of meeting below.
Please take a few minutes and read our panel of experts bio's below. These panel guests have their own amazing story.

Tom Hennigan Tom Hennigan

Real Estate Investing

       Tom Hennigan began his real estate investments in New Orleans in1980 when he purchased a “fixer-upper” to rent out just for the tax benefits.  After attending Al Lowrys “No Money Down” week-end seminar in the fall of 1981, he immediately became a full-time real estate investor; buying, rehabbing, selling and renting up to 25 single family homes a year. By 1986 Tom had accumulated 75 SFH rentals when the bottom fell out.  Massive un-employment in the New Orleans area resulted in 25 vacant houses.  Cash flow went from $10,000 per month positive to $10,000 negative.

 In the summer of 1986, Tom moved to San Antonio and began brokering private mortgages and purchasing partials. This also gave him a break from rehabbing, tenants and rentals, and allowed more time for developing the National Leadership Congress (now known as National REIA). In the fall of 1987 after turning control of NLC to others, he refocused his efforts to building the escrow service company. With the serving business booming in Louisiana, Tom moved back to the New Orleans area in 1991 and his investments turned almost exclusively to real estate paper (purchasing mortgages, tax deeds, making hard money loans and buying real estate subject to land contracts). Tom has owned & managed up to 75 rentals at a time.

  Contract Servicing

            In February 1985, Tom formed Escrow Servicing, Inc., to service private mortgages and land contracts. The original business plan was to service the needs of members of New Orleans REIA by assisting them with buying and selling their properties. Interest rates were high and the demand for seller financing was growing.  Louisiana Law favored selling under a Bond for Deed (a.k.a. Land Contract) because by definition, Bond for Deed is a contract to sell not a contract of sale, therefore the due on sale@ provisions did not apply. In addition, cancellations for non-payment were simple as compared to foreclosing on a mortgage.  Louisiana Law actually protects both the purchaser and seller by requiring an escrow agent to collect payments and pay mortgage holders first, with the balance paid to the seller. By teaching attorneys and real estate agents how-to properly structure Bonds for Deed the servicing business exploded. The portfolio of contracts being serviced provided a gold mine for investment opportunities. In 2002, Tom sold a $100 million servicing portfolio to a national company and down sized the company from 18 employees to one part-time employee. Tom took early retirement. By the time Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the business had regrown to over $12 million in contract servicing and on May 1, 2006 Tom sold the company.

 Private Mortgage and Tax Deed Investments in a Roth IRA

            Tom purchased his first tax deeds in October 1982. The initial investment of $2,500.00 became a five-year seminar in Louisiana tax deeds. The on the job training proved that tax deeds were an ideal passive investment for his IRA account. In order to increase tax free investments, his company funded a Simple IRA for all employees. Then Roth IRA became available in 1997. Upon learning the benefits of Roth, Tom deferred enough earned income to qualify for the new Roth. At that time, Tom, Peggy (since deceased) and their son, directed their IRA Administrator to form a Limited Partnership FBO their Roth IRA.  This gave Tom full control. Over the next two years they converted their regular IRA and Simple IRA investments into the Roth IRA which went directly to the Partnership.

 Instructor Real Estate

         In 1984 Tom began instructing classes for NOREIA members. (Contracts, Bond for Deed a.k.a. Land Contracts, Financial Calculators and Time Value of Money) In 1989 Tom wrote and published a booklet, Louisiana Bond for Deed. Over 25,000 copies were distributed to attorneys, title companies and real estate agents. It is still the most used reference on the subject today. Tom also taught Bond for Deed classes to thousands of licensed real estate agents from 1989 thru 2003. Attendees qualified for 4 hours of CEC from Louisiana Real Estate Commission.


         Tom became involved in the legislative process in April of 1993 when he learned about proposed legislation that would have been disastrous to property owners, as well as investors and other buyers. Tom rallied the troops and delivered over 100 buyers, sellers, real estate agents and investors to the committee hearings. After he testified before the Civil Law Committee about the value of Land Contracts to Louisiana citizens, the proposed legislation died and never made it out of committee. With victory at one session, Tom knew that the opponents (bankers and mortgage companies) would be back the following year with more ammunition. So, Tom didn’t just quit there, he began to invest in the political process (both time & money) and countered the opponents by proposing legislation designed to strengthen the status of bond for deed with additional protection for the buyer. Competing bills forced the Legislature to refer the matter to Louisiana Law Institute Committee for review. Tom became the only non-attorney appointed to the Law Institute Committee on Bond for Deed. By the time the committee wrote it’s recommendations, Toms’ views were in the majority and the committee wrote the legislation requiring Licensed and Bonded Escrow Agents for Bond for Deed to process payments and recommending Homestead Exemption status for purchasers of real estate under Bond for Deed who occupy the property as their home. Both bills passed, Bond for Deed became respectable and Escrow Services, Inc., became the largest service company as a Licensed Escrow Agent in Louisiana. Today, Tom still contributes to political campaigns and keep abreast of proposed legislation that could affect his holdings in Louisiana.


 New Orleans REIA. 1982 to present

Tom joined REIA in1982. Next thing he knew, he was on the Board when REIA and the RAND group incorporated into New Orleans REIA. The new NOREIA had a total of 35 members. With dedication membership grew and Tom became President in December 1984.  By December 1985 membership had grown to 800 paid members.  As President, Tom formed the 500 club an advanced sub-group with membership limited to NOREIA members who controlled over $500,000.00 (appraised value) in 5 or more rentals. Quarterly dinner meetings for the 500 club were held at a local country club. Tom still teaches and attends meeting when he is in New Orleans.

 National Leadership Congress (NLC) Founded, Funded & Promoted 1985 to 1987

While President of NOREIA, Tom proposed hosting a meeting of investment group leaders from around the country. The Board agreed, and funding for the first National Leadership Congress (NLC) meeting was approved. The First Annual NLC was held on October 17, 1985 at the New Orleans Marriot.  Tom then sponsored the next meeting for leaders in Orlando in January 1986.  He continued with regional NLC meetings in Atlantic City, Dallas and Lake Tahoe during 1986.  He also promoted week-end R/E conferences with many groups and started NLC Speaker Bureau to book speakers for groups. In January 1987 Tom promoted a 3 day-16 speaker event in conjunction with the annual NLC meeting in Orlando. There were 125 REIA leaders in attendance and 400 attendees to the conference. In June 1987 Tom took the regional NLC meeting to Atlanta.

 In August 1997, Tom was unable to handle the financial commitment for the continuance of NLC, Tom turned everything (group data and speakers bureau) over to Paul Bauer and Jean Yevick. Since National Leadership Congress was a d/b/a of Tom Hennigan and the finances were included in his Federal tax return, they changed the name to Real Estate Leadership Association of America (RELAA). RELAA is now National Real Estate Investors Association Inc., and Paul is still running the Speakers Bureau.

 American Escrow Association 1995 to 2001.
San Antonio REIA 2006 to 2010.
Alamo REIA, Founder 2011
REIA Investments, LLC, Founder 2012

 Ray Sasser
Ray specializes in three areas of investing; Rehab, Property Management and Deal Structuring. He started with rehabbing.  As a teenager during the summers he worked as a flunky for his step-dad on rental properties.  He and his brother did their first rehab in 1982.  It was a severely fire damaged property.  After barely surviving the rehab and making every mistake in the book, they have gone on to do 100’s of Rehabs, mostly on their own properties. From minor to major fire, flood and Mold.  Ray has received certifications in Mold and Fire remediation and a State HVAC license and a Real Estate License. He currently buys and rehabs properties with his partners and their Company Race Property Management and is also a Mentor where he helps students in their Rehabs.  He is proud of his relationship with his contractors, building relations that have lasted over 20 years with many of them. Turning an old outdated house into a home, makes this one of the most rewarding things an investor can do and be proud of.  There are so many traps and ways to get hurt.  As an investor it’s about ROI, but as a rehabber it’s about quality, function and use. Managing both outcomes is where the fun begins. Ray Sasser is a successful local Real Estate Expert who has completed hundreds of Money-Making Real Estate Transactions.  He has over 25 years of experience with buying, selling, and rehabbing houses.  He is a Past President of the Realty Investment Club of Houston (RICH) and operator of Race Properties.  He is also an Award-Winning mentor, elevating others to success.
 Sharon Fernandez – General Manager of Hacienda Propiedades
Sharon has been with the company for over 16 years and leads the management team. She takes charge of implementing new systems to make the business more efficient and profitable. She takes care of everyone in and related to the company so they are all able to produce the results needed to be successful. She is proud of her work and believes that everyone deserves a loving home. Sharon has been a licensed Texas REALTOR® for over 19 years. She is Certified by the Texas Association of REALTORS® as a Texas Leasing Specialist, and a Texas Property Manager. She is a former board member and the 2005 Achievement Award Recipient for the San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association and is currently the President of the Alamo Real Estate Investors Association. She has co-hosted local real estate radio talk shows, written articles, and has been a guest speaker to many local seminars regarding her experiences. Sharon has been married to her husband Alex for over 22 years. They are strong believers in giving back to the community which they demonstrate by acting as volunteers at local animal rescue operations.

  Samuel Madrid – Founder of Hacienda Propiedades

Samuel has been a real estate investor since 1994. Small apartments units, multiple duplexes and single family residential properties are all part of his portfolio. He has purchased and managed more than 1000 doors over the last 24 years in business.  Presently he owns and manages over 415 doors, including duplexes, single family residential, and owner financed mortgages. Throughout his real estate career he has gained an extensive knowledge of the real estate market for buying, selling, and leasing. Samuel is known for his laser focus capabilities to resolving buyer and seller issues to create win-win situations for everyone. Samuel has been on the board of local real estate investor associations, and has given many lectures on real estate investing to new and seasoned entrepreneurs.  He stays in touch with the real estate market and trends by attending numerous educational seminars and networking with other real estate investors. Samuel graduated from high school in San Antonio and graduated with a degree in Communications at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. He has been married to his wife Elisa for over 23 years and has three children, with his oldest daughter successfully following in his real estate footsteps. He loves to travel and has many experiences to share.

 Marty Hutchison
Marty Hutchison has two fantastic Grand Children; Nami and Daniel (V). His two children Diane and Dan (IV) live in the Houston area. Marty is also a Daniel (III); but, prefers Marty, otherwise there are too many Daniel’s in the room. Marty believes in giving back to his profession and his colleagues and has done so through his leadership since his became licensed in 1993. In addition, he was the 2008 President of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area Chapter (SAMAC) of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and is involved in several NARPM state and national committees. 2008 was the first year SAMAC was able to achieve the NARPM Chapter Excellence recognition from NARPM.In 2008, Marty started the NARPM Texas Style the Friday before the Texas Association of REALTORS Winter Meeting and continued to support that meeting until the Austin NARPM Chapter was able to take the event over in 2014. Professionally, Mr. Hutchison holds — Graduate REALTORS® Institute (GRI), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS), Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification (SFR), Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR), Master Property Manager (MPM), Residential Management Professional (RMP), Texas Residential Leasing Specialist (TRLS) and Texas Residential Property Manager (TRPM), Military Relocation Professional (MRP), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and the e-PRO.  Marty is a TRLP Graduate, Class of 2009. He is currently on the San Antonio Board of REALTORS (SABOR), Board of Directors and has been since 2013. This position permitted him to serve as liaison to several SABOR Committees. In 2016 he was honored to become a member of the SABOR Executive Committee and has served as the 2017 Secretary Treasurer and 2018 Chair-Elect. He has received the Property Management Specialist of the Year in 2008 and served as Chairperson of the Property Management Committee in 2009. He has been and serves on several SABOR Committees, including Government Affairs, TREPAC, and Equal Opportunity in Housing. He was the Chairman for the Property Management TREPAC Bowling event in 2013 and 2014. Marty was been on the Texas Association of REALTORS (T.A.R.) Board of Directors for 2014 thru 2018. And, he is on the T. A. R. Property Management Committee in 2010 and 2012 to 2018, where he is the 2018 Chair-Elect and with T. A. R. serves on the Political Affairs Committee.  His involvement in the community includes being an emeritus representative to the Shrine Hospitals and being a life member of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

 John T. Barr III Bio

Of the members on the panel John is the youngest as he only started his investing career in 2013. Since his first house hack purchase in 2013 he has gone on to quit his corporate job as a project engineer for a commercial contracting firm and go full time into the Real Estate industry in March of 2015. He has gone on to start the local investment company Pryme Homes where he focuses on running the operations and finance side of the company. 

 Since starting in this industry John has done over 50 transactions involving wholesaling, owner finance, sub-to purchases, standard realtor transactions, flips, buy and holds, and just about everything else. John is a licensed agent in Texas where he hangs his license with StepStone realty where he currently is one of the Captains for the brokerage in the San Antonio market.

 John has been tied to the real estate through the construction industry since his first summer job working concrete at 16 years old. After graduating from college in 2012 where he received degrees in Construction Management and Business management he moved to San Antonio Texas. Having always been good with numbers and data and not satisfied with the current market reports that were available he decided to create his own market report which he presents every month here at the Alamo REIA as well as a few other. 

 He maybe young in the industry and not yet seen a downturn like the others on this panel but his ability to look at data and understand trends makes his market knowledge extremely valuable because like he says “in order to guess where the market is going you have to understand where its been”.


Info about our meetings:
Embassy Suites
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Free Dinner & Cash Bar
Market Update!
Learn what is happening in the local marketplace. Where are the HOT properties to buy now! Get the information you need to see what real estate strategy is going to work for you.
Legislative Updates
Get updates on what is happening in the legislation that may impact you in real-estate.
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Great opportunity to post properties and check those that are for sale, as well as find lenders, partners, plumbers, electricians, etc. 
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Alamo REIA Mentors/Leaders brainstorm and discuss live deals and obstacles in real estate and how to overcome them.
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Date:  Thursday, May 10, 2018
Time:  5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Embassy Suites by Hilton NW
7750 Briaridge Dr
San Antonio, TX 78230

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