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All Day Online Masterclass: How to Do High Profit, Low Hassle “Repair for Equity” Deals

with... Vena Jones-Cox

There’s another way to make money with ugly properties, and it’s WAY more profitable the wholesaling and WAY less hassle than retailing. But there are details you need to know about Repair for Equity, and you’ll learn them all here.

Saturday, February 11, 2023 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday, February 11th
8 am-2 pm ONLINE Masterclass:

Vena Jones-Cox on
The OTHER Way to Make Money with Ugly Houses
(Without fixing, managing, maintaining, or stressing over them)

(While getting crazy-high returns, monthly paychecks, AND doing good in your community)

Have you heard of “Repair for Equity” deals?

Geez, we hope so, because they’re:

  • More profitable than wholesale deals
  • A LOT easier than retail deals
  • Give you a higher return than rentals, with a whole lot less management, expense, and drama
  • HIGHLY in demand, hard for your customers who want them to find, and make you feel good about changing people’s entire financial futures for the better, while at the same time collecting ‘mailbox money’
  • And if you do them right, they’re money-makers even when they “go wrong”(and can you say that about YOUR exit strategy?)

Here’s the 20,000 foot view of how Repair for Equity works:

  1. You get hold of a property that’s ‘ugly but livable’. You can pay cash for it, or get a partner, or a private loan, or seller financing. Doesn’t matter, as long as you have the title.
  1. You advertise that you’ll sell it, on payments, to someone who’s qualified to make the improvements, at a price that’s a lot more than what you paid for it, but a lot less than it’s worth fixed up.
  1. Hundreds of people contact you because they want it(no, I’m not exaggerating—my last repair for equity deal generated over 110 phone calls from 4 bandit signs and 1 craigslist ad).
  1. You pick the best, most qualified buyer

You sign some documents(which ones depend on where you live and some other factors, but they all basically say to the buyer, “You’re fixing it, and you’re gonna own it if you make all your payments).

  1. You sit back and collect passive returns that are so high we’re afraid to mention them because you won’t believe them until Vena shows them to you (Ok, fine, they’re 25% to infinity) for, oh, 7-20 years.
  1. Your buyer—who would otherwise be wasting money on rent—builds equity by doing the work, paying down the balance, and getting the benefit of appreciation, thus changing his or her family’s.

At This Point, You Should Have Some Questions:


  • What, exactly, is “Ugly But Livable”, and how will I know when I’ve found the right property?
  • What should I PAY for that property?
  • How do I decide what the terms of the sale are? What’s the right balance between getting the most I can and creating a deal that attracts the right applicants fast, and is a good deal for them?
  • Advertise it HOW? Where? What should the ads look like?
  • How in the world am I going to handle hundreds of calls from potential buyers without going nuts?
  • What’s “qualified” when it comes to these buyers?
  • What ARE the documents? What’s in them? Do they have to be recorded, or not?
  • What happens if they DON’T fix the property?
  • What if they move out, or stop making payments?
  • What about Dodd-Frank? Don’t I have to ‘comply’ with that? How do I do that?

Yep, all good questions—and Vena’s going to answer them all on February 11 in this all-day Masterclass.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Attend:

  1. Exhaustively detailed instruction on everything from what properties to buy to what to pay for them to how to set up and advertise your deal to what to do if something goes wrong
  2. All the template contracts, ads, and forms you need to execute your deals
  3. A complete manual to download and use when you’re doing your own deals, including:
    • The exact ad and bandit sign wording Vena uses to generate all those calls
    • The application that all buyers must fill out
    • The “buyer qualification criteria” she uses to OBJECTIVELY pick the right person
    • The disclosure that all buyers must sign to prove that they really understand what they’re agreeing to
    • The contracts she uses to seal the deal—there are 3 of them, and which you’ll use depends on where you live and some other things that I’ll explain in the class

Every Registrant Also Gets the Recordings of the Entire Class, so YES, you Should Register Even if You Can’t Be on Zoom that Day…

If You Knew This Strategy, You’d Be Making More Money RIGHT NOW.
(It’s Cheap, and If You Don’t Love It, You’ll Get Your Money Back Anyway)

     When you’re done with this class, you will have all the knowledge and tools you need implement this incredibly powerful exit strategy…

     And if you don’t agree, we’ll refund 100% of your investment.


Date:  Saturday, February 11, 2023
Time:  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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