Alamo Real Estate Investors Association



It is AlamoREIA’s objective to develop, through education and discussion a sound understanding of real estate investment for our members and guests and to provide a meeting environment for real estate investors to associate with and develop personal contacts with other investors.

The speakers at our meetings and on our website are expressing their own ideas, opinions, and business values. Each member or guest should evaluate the information presented on their own and with the assistance of their legal and other professional advisers.

The officers and directors of AlamoREIA hope you find our meetings and presentations to be worthwhile. We remind you that AlamoREIA is only providing a forum for gaining knowledge and sharing ideas. No representation nor endorsement is made of any speaker’s subject matter. The materials presented are the opinions of the speakers and not AlamoREIA.  Evaluate the information presented carefully and with your appropriate advisers before taking action on someone else’s ideas and opinions.