Alamo Real Estate Investors Association


About Us

While the masses were wringing their hands over the economy as they witnessed the real estate bubble deflate before their very eyes, Real Estate Investors saw a different picture; especially here in San Antonio!

Today, the San Antonio real estate market is HOT, HOT, HOT!

San Antonio’s steady growth has greatly reduced it’s exposure to sharp downturns and made The City  “one of the brightest spots on the housing market landscape,” according to Emily Spicer, Real Estate Editor for the San Antonio Express News.

With a population of approximately 1.3 million people, San Antonio ranks as the 7th most populated city in the country according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics for 2011.  The City enjoys a relatively warm climate with the average high temperatures ranging from 62 degrees in January to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in July.

Many are now looking to capitalize on the “bright spot” that is San Antonio. The $64 million dollar question is “HOW?”, which is what prompted Tom Hennigan to found the AlamoREIA. Tom was instrumental in establishing the National REIA, now with 46,000 members, and has brought his expertise back to San Antonio.

Thank you, Tom!